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Becoming pregnant and bringing a new life into your family is an exciting time – it can also be a time filled with questions and a need for experienced guidance. With so many questions and even more options available to you, Transitionings™ can help you make this an ideal experience that you will cherish for years to come.

Transitionings™ offers pregnancy, birthing, and parenting support to every type of family within the greater Toronto and Hamilton area. Our support services include birth prep classes (group classes, virtual, private), labour support (in person & virtual), parenting preparation, breastfeeding support, postnatal support, processing birth trauma, and support navigating whatever you need throughout your family’s transitions.

We bring with us the experience, wisdom, intuition, nurturing compassion, and respect that your family needs in a judgement free environment, accepting of a complete range of diverse family types.

How We Can Help

Providing virtual and in-person support including birth and postnatal Doula support, childbirth and parenting preparation classes, BF support, and counselling. We’ve got you!

Helping you navigate the myriad emotions and unexpected uncertainties that often arise during the journey into parenthood and beyond. Parenthood can be challenging, but with the right support, you’ve got this fam!

Providing complete and comprehensive birth and parenting preparation through a variety of loving and judgement-free classes. Snuggle in folks – you’re about to be blown away!

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