Words of Wisdom from Karen

Word of Wisdom from Karen Women have 3 key phases or periods in their life - maiden, mother, crone (wise woman). The greatest shift in identity and most profound change occurs when a woman moves from maiden to mother. She necessarily has to leave a part of her behind to…

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Pregnant Woman Chooses Doula to Guide Her

Pregnant Woman Chooses Doula to Guide Her "Karen Mcwilliam sat on the floor in front of her client, Shalina Khanna, as she and her husband, Jonathan Hunt, sat cozily on their couch. Hunt handed his wife a tissue to wipe the tears from her eyes, as she explained to Mcwilliam…

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What is a Doula?

What Is a Doula The Purpose and Value of Labour Support I’ve watched now, several times, a home video that a couple took whilst on honeymoon to Ulusaba – a private game reserve in South Africa. It is a video of a mother elephant giving birth in the wild to her…

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