Birth Trauma


If you are struggling with adjusting to your new baby, if you are feeling emotions that are perhaps beyond what YOU feel you “should” be feeling, if you relive your birthing over and over and wonder if you could have done something differently, or if you had only….or hadn’t….or you wished someone had listened to you, or just feel like your experience wasn’t what you had hoped or wished for and it is causing you feelings of disappointment or worse? You may have some degree of birth trauma. Birth is tricky. It is almost always not what we expect. For some, the experience of birth is something that can be put aside because let’s face it – that beautiful babe in your arms is worth it! Right? But sometimes the feelings of loss resonate long after and beyond the joys of your new babe. And, sometimes those experiences can actually get in the way of enjoying the early days/weeks/months of parenthood. Transitionings can help navigate and process your experiences with compassion and deep listening. It is important to be loved. It is essential to be heard.

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