Perinatal Mental Health Support


Karen struggled with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety with both her children. Her “symptoms” presented mostly as Rage, and she struggled to understand why she could feel joy and love whilst also experiencing such deep anger and frustration. 

Karen began her journey in Perinatal Mental Health in order to help other parents navigate the often confusing and disconnected experiences of transitioning to parents. 

She certified with Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Trainings, and PSI (Postpartum Support International) and has since had extensive experience helping parents with Birth & Reproductive Trauma, PMADs (although “disorder” isn’t a term Karen is as comfortable with, as she will tell you), and Grief & Loss in the Perinatal period. 

Karen is also a Level 1 IFS Practitioner and specializes in helping parents adjust to their new roles, not only as parents, but to themSelves as well. 

Please reach out to Karen directly to discuss how she can help you navigate the myriad of Transitionings you may be going through and to learn how you don’t have to suffer alone. 

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