Currently, all classes remain VIRTUAL; as the world changes, classes may be offered in person at The WOMB in Burlington, 1159 King Rd 

Available Dates: (all classes run  7-9:30pm)

  • Jan 18-Feb 22*
  • Mar 1-Apr 5*
  • Apr 5-May 10
  • May 17-June 21* 
  • June 28-July 26
  • Sept 13-Oct 18* 

* No class Feb 15, Apr 12, May 24 or Oct 4

Group McWilliam Method. ™


The McWilliam Method™ examines:

  • What we “know” about birth
  • Deeply held beliefs about labour, birth and parenting, and how those beliefs impact our minds/bodies
  • Physiology, hormones, and stages of labour: where you are, what is going on, what “to do”
  • Engaging trust in the birth process and the birthing person’s body
  • Structure of pelvis, pelvic floor, soft tissues and smooth muscles
  • Spinning Babies – optimal labour and birth positioning for labouring person and baby
  • Labour and birth breathing
  • Toning techniques
  • Fear release
  • Self-hypnosis/self-relaxation and visualization techniques
  • Assisted relaxation (partner and/or other support person-directed)
  • Hospital protocols, policies & procedures, and inductions & alternatives
  • Birth preferences, and how to calmly and confidently communicate your wishes to your caregivers
  • Epidurals and other interventions: when, why, and how?
  • Compassionate, connected, empowered, engaged and sacred cesarean birth
  • How to have fun and ENJOY your birthing (YES! it is possible!!)

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