Pregnancy, birthing and the early postnatal period can be both a time of exhilaration and joy, as well as confusion, uncertainty and doubt. We are here to help you transition as gently and realistically as possible.

Virtual Doula

Virtual Doula services are perfect for families living outside the physical catchment area of Transitionings™, families whose chosen birth hospital is not yet re-opened to physical doula support, and families who have not expanded their circle of care beyond their immediate family.

Birth Trauma

Yep. It’s a deeply difficult thing to talk about. Birth Trauma. What does it mean to you? Has it been difficult to process the turn of events in your labour and birth? Did you feel heard? Did you not get the epidural in time? Did you have an unexpected, fast home-birth when you planned on a hospital birth? Did you have a hospital birth when you wished for a home birth? Birth Trauma shows up differently for everyone who experiences it. Karen helps you process your experience and deeply listens to help you heal.

Navigating Transitionings

Whether understanding what is “normal” or common during pregnancy, or what is going on with you, your partner and/or your baby after the baby is here, Karen helps normalize all those transitions in a professional, nurturing and loving way.

As a new mom, Karen struggled with Postpartum depression herself. She was shocked that it “could happen to her!” and she deeply understands the conflicting emotions that can arise. Karen guides families through the labyrinthian twists and turns of the perinatal period, in an empathetic and welcoming way.

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