McWilliam Method


The McWilliam Method™ childbirth preparation series is not concerned with students retaining or memorizing information regarding how you “must” or “should” give birth. Instead, this childbirth preparation class is concerned with teaching you how to “unlearn”.

The McWilliam Method™ examines:

  • What we “know” about birth
  • Deeply held beliefs about labour, birth and parenting, and how those beliefs impact our minds/bodies
  • Physiology, hormones, and stages of labour: where you are, what is going on, what “to do”
  • Engaging trust in the birth process and the birthing person’s body
  • Structure of pelvis, pelvic floor, soft tissues and smooth muscles
  • Spinning Babies – optimal labour and birth positioning for labouring person and baby
  • Labour and birth breathing
  • Toning techniques
  • Fear release
  • Self-hypnosis/self-relaxation and visualization techniques
  • Assisted relaxation (partner and/or other support person-directed)
  • Hospital protocols, policies & procedures, and inductions & alternatives
  • Birth preferences, and how to calmly and confidently communicate your wishes to your caregivers
  • Epidurals and other interventions: when, why, and how?
  • Compassionate, connected, empowered, engaged and sacred cesarean birth
  • How to have fun and ENJOY your birthing (YES! it is possible!!)

All the techniques are designed for individuals as well as providing suggestions and tools/techniques for any support person, if one is involved.

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