Classes & Packages, Support & Processing


Group McWilliam Method


Group Birthing in Awareness (currently on hold)


Essential Doula + Private McWilliam Method™ Classes

Group Life With Baby


Private Classes (Individually designed, including Birth Prep for VBAC)



Essential Doula (incl. Hybrid Care)


Essential Doula + Private McWilliam Method classes

$2300 (savings of $187.50)

Essential Doula + Private Birthing in Awareness

$1850 (savings of $150)

Essential Doula + Private Life With Baby

$1850 (savings of $150)

Virtual Doula



2-10 hours @ $48/hour | 10-48 hours @ $45 | 48+ hours @ $42/hour

Additional Support

Birth Processing and Counselling Support Services: $120/hr

Support in most cases is offered via the secure Zoom platform 

If you are interested in Counselling Services to help you cope with the sometimes intense & confusing journey of pregnancy, labour, birth and parenting, Karen is a trained IFS (Internal Family Systems) Level 1 Practitioner, and is a Canadian Certified Perinatal Mental Health Practitioner (CC-PMH), Canadian Certified Birth & Reproductive Health Practitioner (CC-BRH), and Canadian Certified Perinatal Grief & Loss Practitioner (CC-PGL). She is there to help you reconnect with the many parts of what makes you, You. 

Please reach out to Karen directly to discuss what your particular needs are.

Give the Gift of Love & Support

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