2-10 hours @ $48/hour
10-48 hours @ $45/hour
48+ hours @ $42/hour

A new baby in a home is a transition that affects everyone and we can help provide support adjusting during this challenging yet amazing period. As a postpartum doula, we can provide postpartum care in your home during the day.
This care involves: 
  • helping you to adjust to life with your new baby 
  • helping you to understand your newborn’s needs and cues
  • helping you to understand the “fourth trimester” and how that can impact your relationship with your newborn 
  • postpartum care may involve light housekeeping, shopping and/or cooking 
  • we can also provide a much needed massage, shoulder to lean on, or a friend to talk to about changes happening for you, your partner and/or your relationship. 
  • we can also just be there to look after your baby so that you can get out for some much needed “you” time on your own or stay with the baby while you take an uninterrupted nap

Every Family
Deserves a Doula

Find out how great your transitional experience can truly be.
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