Pregnant Woman Chooses Doula to Guide Her

“Karen Mcwilliam sat on the floor in front of her client, Shalina Khanna, as she and her husband, Jonathan Hunt, sat cozily on their couch. Hunt handed his wife a tissue to wipe the tears from her eyes, as she explained to Mcwilliam why her mother wouldn’t be able to attend the birth of their first child.

“She primarily takes care of my dad who is not well,” Khanna said.

With her mother unable to attend, and having no idea what to expect throughout pregnancy, labour or birth, Khanna began looking for someone with birth experience, someone to support her and her husband through the coming birth.

“It’s a very unfamiliar circumstance. I’ve never had a kid before. I wanted the undivided attention of some sort of coach,” Khanna said.

That’s when Khanna found doula Karen Mcwilliam. After one interview, Khanna was convinced Mcwilliam was the support system she needed.”

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