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“Real” evidence on all things pregnancy-related:

Get those babies in the best birth position!

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HypnoBirthing® Relaxation & Affirmations: and

“Normal” Babies

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For pregnancy and parenting support services in the GTHA

For further information on HypnoBirthing®

For further information on Birthing From Within®

For information on home-birth

For information on water birth pool rentals in Toronto

Caesarean awareness and VBACs

For information on infant circumcision

La Leche League Canada breastfeeding support

General pregnancy and parenting support

For parenting programmes catering to the diversity of Toronto and in support of the queer community

Parenting support, playgroups and more

Wonderful mothering on-line magazine supporting natural living

Doulas of North America

Childbirth and Postpartum Association

Ontario Doulas Association

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