Virtual Doula


**PLEASE NOTE** I am currently only taking clients who have experienced previous trauma in their Birth Journeys, VBAC or HBAC Support. I can refer you to other wonderful Doulas who may be available if you do not fall into the above-mentioned category.

Virtual Doula services are perfect for families living outside the physical catchment area of Transitionings™ including rural areas. It is for families whose chosen birth hospital is not yet re-opened to physical doula support. It is also for families who have used Transitionings for previous birthings but have moved away and would prefer working with someone they had worked with before. It is for families who have not expanded their circle of care beyond their immediate family, and would like the professional guidance of a certified doula. Virtual Doula services are also fabulous for families who have limited doula services in their area, and would prefer to connect with a doula who resonates with them and their wishes.

  • Similar to traditional doula services listed in the Essential Doula Package, but VIRTUALLY!!
  • 2 VIRTUAL prenatal visits (4-5 hours) to build relationship and discuss your personal vision of your birthing experience; includes private breastfeeding education and discussion of 4th trimester expectations. These prenatal (and postnatal) visits are on a secured ZOOM platform.
  • Email/phone/text support throughout your pregnancy and post birthing time, with on-call 24/7 support from 38 weeks to the birth of your baby
  • A tailored approach to support
  • Summarized emails regarding the discussions had in the meetings
  • Cheat sheet handouts and links to research and resources
  • Ongoing coaching and guidance through the stages of labour and birth, via FaceTime, text, phone or other format that feels right for you
  • Experienced back up doula
  • 2 VIRTUAL postnatal visits to help with breastfeeding, questions surrounding your new baby, and family adjustment
  • 30 days 24/7 phone/email/text support after bringing baby home

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